Omron Automation Pvt. Ltd.


In this era of globalization and vast technological change, Omron is reaffirming its dedication to offering added value to customers by developing innovative products and services. Omron intelligent components will be the building blocks for new consumer and industrial products. Control products, systems technologies and software will form the heart of flexible, networked manufacturing lines and automation systems. To meet customer demand, 'what they want, when they want it', Omron has established a global network and a closely linked service system covering our operating regions of Japan, North America, Europe, Greater China, and Asia Pacific. Omron provides fast and efficient support to its business partners worldwide through its comprehensive support system, from development to production, distribution and maintenance. Over a quarter of a century ago Omron founded its Asia Pacific operations in Singapore to meet the needs of the region's rapidly expanding industrial markets. Operations that initially marketed products for Omron's Industrial Business Group has expanded to also represent the company's Electronic Components and Healthcare Division. Today Omron Asia Pacific consists of over 2,500 employees in sales, manufacturing, technical support and research and development activities. The regional headquarters located in Singapore manages and supports activities in the region.

Omron Automation India is expanding rapidly with offices operating in the main region in India, namely Gurgaon, Mumbai and Bangalore. Each centre is dedicated to provide unrivalled automation products and customized expert solutions for all industries.


OMRON Principles represent our unchanging, unshakeable beliefs. The OMRON Principles are the cornerstone of our decision and actions. They are what binds us together, and they are the driving force behind OMRON’s growth.


To improve lives and contribute to a better society

Our mission summarised the meaning of ‘Business should create value for society through its key practices’ (taken from the words of our founder, kazuma Tateishi, saying, “A company is most valuable when it contributes to society beyond the simple pursuit of profits”) This summary offers more concise terms that are easier for our employees to identify with.

  • Our value to the world and our mission is to continue to contribute to a sustainable society, resolving social issues through our business.

  • Fully answering the expectations of society leads directly to sustained company growth, ongoing personal growth, and better living standards for all.

  • We pursue the creation of a society in which all people can live more comfortable lives.


  • Control Components

  • Automation Systems

  • Motion / Drives

  • Robotics

  • Energy Conservation Support / Environment Measure Equipment

  • Sensors

  • Switches

  • Safety Components

  • Relays

  • Power Supplies / in Addition



  • A Smarter, Efficient Approach Towards Product Sortation & Placement

  • Boost Liquid Transfer Speed With Vibration Suppression Technology

  • Creating A Safer Workplace, Without Compromising On Productivity

  • Reduce Component Stoppages Due To Component Failures

  • Overcoming Human Safety Risk When Operating With CNC Machines

  • Meeting Demands For Quality And Diversified Packaging Needs

  • Transforming Manufacturing And Logistics Industries With Mobile Robot Solution

  • Innovation In Control Panel Solutions Revolutionise The Way You Work

  • How Do You Locate A Faulty Sensor In A Big Production Plant?

  • Overcome Packaging Machine Limitations In Detecting Subtle Differences In Glossy & Colorful Packaging

  • How OMRON Traceability Solution Helps To Secure Your Data And Safeguard Your Consumer

  • SYSMAC: More Than Just An Automation Platform


Mr. Sameer Gandhi
Managing Director (OEP - IN)

Akshay PaiGurgaon, North India