The institutional membership of AIA is open to any firm, association, company or division registered or incorporated in India and conducting business in the field of automation technology and / or associated services.

To ensure benefits align with your specific needs, AIA offers the following membership options to the primary beneficiaries in the automation industry.


Technology providers

Companies that manufacture and/or distribute automation systems, components and peripherals



Companies that design, build & implement automation and robotics systems.

Why Join AIA as a Member

AIA members get networking, speaking and financial privileges in various events and fora.
Some of the immediately accessible benefits to you from AIA MEMBERSHIP are:


Engage a national audience and build influence

As a member, you can partner with AIA to engage the community we are building across channels including social media, and start conversations about their ideas and brands. 

You can share a new idea with a large national crowd at an AIA seminar or conference. You can earn reputation for your business by teaching technical skills in AIA's educational workshops. AIA can also help you collaborate with your peers from other national & international bodies. In case you want to share a story, you can do that in our online and offline publications including a quarterly newsletter.

gain a fast access to market and grow your business with networking

AIA organises regularly user-industry exchange groups and premium events where you can avail free invites for yourself and your clients. 

Business networking is crucial for the growth of any business, and being a part of AIA allows you to connect with like-minded people in the automation industry in a collaborative environment that provides learning opportunities, the exchanging of ideas, and beneficial relationships. See who else is a member already:



develop your leadership skills as well as those of your team

AIA offers a number of educational opportunities including everything from webinars and trade shows to workshops and seminars. Topics vary but may include subjects such as trends, leadership, new techniques and developments, and cost saving tips. These events allow you to keep up with continuing education.

You can choose to participate as a speaker in specific round tables or user forums, lead industry delegation to specific government bodies and ministries or avail training for your staff in recommended courses and affiliated centres of excellence

Associate Member

Companies whose main activity lies outside the automation domain but nevertheless have a dedicated automation division are eligible to apply as Associate members if they see a restricted role or opportunity in the Association. Associate members enjoy the normal privileges and benefits available to members, but do not participate in the electoral process or management of AIA activity.

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