Our Mission:


AIA is committed to be a vibrant forum for all automation companies in India spreading knowledge and creating awareness levels that make a vital difference to the global competitiveness of the Indian industry.


Automation Industry Association

is a national association that represents the leading manufacturers and distributors of systems, software and related services used in

Industrial Process Control and Factory Automation

around the world.

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We invite you to be an AIA member if you are part of any firm, association, company or division registered or incorporated in India and conducting business in the field of automation technology and / or associated services.

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Launching IAFSM

IITD and AIA have launched the ‘Foundation for Smart Manufacturing’, a fully integrated smart manufacturing and learning facility for discrete and hybrid manufacturing segments such as automotive, machine tools, consumer durables and processed food, and others.  

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Campus Connect

AIA Campus Connect program runs in collaboration with chosen engineering institutions. The program creates Competency Development Centers at these institutions that engage students and academia for proliferation and promotion of contemporary & relevant education in Automation.

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About the Illumine Bookshelf

We are entering a world that is rapidly changing & evolving. How do we, as individuals & leaders, sense-make & navigate this emerging new world?

AIA, in collaboration with Illumine, brings actionable insights that enable you to positively respond in this changing world scenario.

The Digital Pop-up from Illumine Bookshelf is updated every fortnight. There will be one Featured Micro Book that will enable you to get a deep insight in a short span of 5-7 mins.

The Illumine Bookshelf is a service from Illumine Knowledge Resources - a company that helps organizations rethink the way they think.

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Programs & Events



AIA participates in several industry conferences on the topic of smart automation for SMEs, in the context of 'Make In India' movement. 


AIA coordinates with educational institutions and skill development centres to organise workshops that nurture India's unique demographic dividend on automation technologies.

trade shows

AIA participates in a variety of trade shows that see participation from automation companies, including service providers, across India and the rest of the world.

industry forums

AIA is a credible voice recognised across industry forums. Members and team from AIA have led and been a part of several such delegations.

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