Mitsubishi Electric India Pvt. Ltd.


Messung’s association with Mitsubishi Electric as its authorised FA distributor in India has done wonders for the automation industry in the country. Together, the two companies have addressed the needs of the Indian automation market by offering the best techno-commercial solutions via products, domain knowledge and expertise. 

The partnership is based on knowledge, technology and competency, and has been possible due to excellent synergy between both the companies. In October 2010, the Messung-Mitsubishi alliance celebrated 15 successful years of collaboration in the Indian automation industry. During this period, Messung has established a market share of 8% for Mitsubishi FA products from the addressable automation market in India. The automation Industry in India is on a growth path with an expected CAGR of about 15%. The demand for automation has been increasing continuously. Both for new facilities as well as for automating existing machinery/production lines and processes. The ongoing trends also suggest tremendous growth opportunities in the field of automation for Industrial and Non-industrial segments. 

In such a promising environment, Messung continuously strives to invest in those areas of operation which will deliver maximum benefit to the customers at increasingly lower costs. One of the main reasons of our success has been that our investments in R&D, value engineering or upgrading the infrastructure are planned thoughtfully. Everything, from selecting the best vendors, to appointing strategic system houses, or investing in SAP/Cordys or other IT elements is a part of a well made strategy. 

Contribution to AIA

AIA Campus Connect

Conducted an orientation programme for a batch of 10 engineering students on 21st June, 2010. The programme was for a period of 5 days, from Monday to Friday, between 9.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m everyday. The programme covered the following activities:

  • Manufacturing Activities - for PLCs, HMIs & Remote I/Os

  • Service & Repair Activities - for PLCs, HMIs & Remote I/Os

  • Marketing & Sales - for PLCs, HMIs & Remote I/Os



Name : Mr. S Sriram
General Manager - Strategic Planning