Vision at sensor prices

Object sensors check anything from car parts to broken biscuits. Available now from industrial sensing technology is a new smart, object sensor. Sorting, inspection and error-proofing tasks that used to need a complex system can now be done with a sensor half the price (or less) of others on the market.


Say you need to check for the presence of a known object, but its position isn't exact - Smart object sensors will do that. Or you need to know that the object is facing in the right direction - Smart object sensors will tell you. Smart object sensors will tell you if the object is complete. The list goes on. Normally, to achieve these tasks takes an array of sensors or something expensive and complicated. Smart object sensors are simple and inexpensive. They provide camera performance at sensor prices. They are not only easy to use but built for the job, coming in a stand-alone unit with integrated lighting and constructed in a rugged diecast housing with IP67 for use over a temperature range of -10 to + 60 °C

The detection algorithm is one of the most advanced, industrial evaluation algorithms currently available. Contour detection and verification is not only robust, but at up to 20Hz its pretty fast. Smart object sensors itself will store many different settings in its own internal memory, and the choice of functions available on the outputs is unrivalled. The operating concept is simple, too: the menu-driven PC setting via Ethernet makes it a quick task to set up the application. With error image memory and stored evaluation data the interface also provides a useful diagnostic resource.

The automation industry is committed to working closely with customers to develop products which precisely match their needs for position and process control, complemented by a huge selection of connection possibilities, from connecting cable to AS-interface systems, and provide expert, readily accessible technical support to help users maximise the benefits from these smart, yet affordable products.

- Bipin Jirge