Level Measurement for Metallurgic Applications

Level Measurement in the Metal industry is very challenging. This is because conventionally the process implies a dirty, dusty surface with slag and very high temperature range applications. Radar Level Technology has been proven over time to be an excellent level technology delivering high reliability and improved process availability.


  • Very high temperature, range 200 to 16000 C

  • Turbulent surface

  • Dusty & dirty

  • Long ranges , 60m.

Solution & Benefits

  • To use Radar Level Gauges designed for Metal industry which offers the following benefits

  • No moving parts and no contact with product , ensures no regular maintenance and highest reliability

  • Special Radar antenna for high temperature with purging and cooling device

  • Insensitive to heat, dust and change in pressure, temperature and density

  • No recalibration

  • Digital signal processing software module


  • Blast furnaces

  • Torpedo cars

  • Open ladles

  • Converters

  • Rotary coolers

  • Oil fuel tanks

  • Smelteries

  • Any kind of liquid metal vessels

Application examples

Blast furnaces - Stockline detectors

The use of non-contact and maintenance-free level measuring equipment in the blast furnace is essential to ensure the correct level for loading material at all times.

The furnaces can be equipped with either one or several transmitters.

Application specific sensors are suitable for both "Bell-Top" and "Rotating Chute" blast furnaces and are not affected by the chute.

Torpedo cars - Automation of filling

The installation of Saab Pro Steel or Pro Hot, for the measurement of the iron level in torpedo cars during filling optimizes the use of the torpedo car fleet. It reduces the number of over-filled or under filled transports to a minimum. If the level values are sent for example to a DCS system, the filling of the cars can be controlled and optimized. The data can also be displayed on an optional display mounted on the gauge or separately.

BOF or LD converters - improved lance positioning

Saab Pro Steel installed for bath level measuring in a Basic Oxygen Furnace or LD converter results in improved process control. The exact level is determined by sending the microwaves down to the surface, where they are reflected back to the transmitter. The transmitter can be mounted as fixed or mechanically movable to a measuring position. It takes less than 10 seconds to set an accurate reading even if mounted movable. Data about level position ensures optimal positioning of the oxygen lance and gives more information about estimated blowing time. High temperature, smoke and dust do not affect the function.

- K. Nagraj

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