Integrating multi-vendor systems using the RTPM platform

The RTPM platform is meant to capture real time plant information and providing the means of determining the true source of the problem. It is an events-driven platform that delivers unified, role based portal views of information across the enterprise for executives, management, engineering, operations and business administration. By tying together manufacturing and corporate systems.

RTPM empowers everyone in the organization with unparalleled real-time intelligence, enabling them to continuously improve performance. When individuals are empowered to make the right decisions in the right time, enterprise transparency and agility increase, putting the organization on the path toward Operational Excellence.

RTPM unlocks the hidden value in their enterprise, people and systems, its technology for today and the future, It transforms data into understanding so business units, customers and suppliers across the globe can take more informed and immediate actions. 

RTPM improves batch quality and plant safety. Reduce your production interruptions so plant quality standards are exceeded and safety is improved.

RTPM maintains critical process parameter targets. Combine real-time batch and statistical quality information with historical data and optimize your plant’s capacity. Provide powerful decision making tools so staff are able to view, analyze and report on plant operations and manufactured products.

RTPM increases response and communication. Let users immediately identify and respond to potential process or equipment exceptions, as well as evaluate the potential impact of various scenarios on quality, safety and the environment. 

RTPM extends information accessibility. Interface to various databases, lab, environmental and control systems to permit simultaneous data access for immediate graphical display, reporting and decision making.

RTPM reduces unscheduled downtime. Combine real-time process information with predictive maintenance information to reduce unscheduled downtime.


The value delivered from the RTPM System can positively impact 

  • Inventory Management

  • Productivity and Cost Reduction

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Asset Optimization and Overall Equipment Effectiveness

- Abraham Samson