Combustions System Solutions for the food industry

Automation for combustion processes in the food industry, is enabling comprehensive solutionsacross the food processing spectrum. From oven controls to heat recovery steam generator systems, automation technology, engineering and process solutions are helping leading food manufacturers optimize manufacturing to achieve ever-increasing standards for quality, productivity, and cost.


With the intense, relentless competitive pressure, and changing regulatory requirements affecting the food industry, more than ever, the difference between success and failure is determined by which producer is most successful in the area of process optimization. When surveying manufacturers in the food industry, the single greatest obstacle to achieving higher levels of optimization is unscheduled plant downtime. Often the most costly sources of unexpected downtime involve the combustion systems used throughout the manufacturing process. These unexpected shut downs are often caused by nuisance trips, old, unreliable or unsupported control systems, and defects in the control system design.

If your operation has been impacted by these unexpected shutdowns, or if you are looking to increase efficiency, safety, or monitoring of your combustion system, an automation expert can help.


A complete solution for combustion processes in the food industry includes comprehensive specification, project coordination, start-up and support for: burner management systems, combustion and temperature control systems used for boilers, ovens, roasters, dryers, incinerators, oil heaters, toasters, as well as heat recovery steam generators, and general balance of plant controls.

With the food manufacturer in mind, solutions are designed, and engineered with high availability, and embed features that help operate and maintain the systems without unexpected interruptions due to process malfunctions. Features such as detailed diagnostics, operator help messages, and first-out alarms are only a few of the unique offerings users can expect to ensure ease of maintenance and support.

A complete solution also provides the connectivity needed to integrate the combustion system to production and information systems, enabling you to gather and analyze data to optimize your energy efficiency, implement effective preventative maintenance processes, and optimize your overall process. Integrated architecture promotes fast start-up, reduced maintenance costs and the ability to share data and diagnostic information across the plant floor as well as with clients’ information and execution systems.

  • Reduce Energy Costs Through Enhanced Combustion Efficiency

  • Improve Quality With Tighter Temperature And Steam Control

  • Integrate The Combustion Process With Factory Automation And Information Systems

  • Simplify Operation And Maintenance With Intuitive Graphical Displays and Detailed Diagnostic Capabilities, Including Alarm Status and History

  • Reduce Start-Up And Downtime Costs With Proven, Programmed And Tested Pre-Wired systems, Ready For Installation.