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Articles by AIA

Guidelines for submitting white papers/articles

White papers should be focused on the topics of Automation, business innovation, creativity or brainstorming. They should be coherent and neatly formatted. They should not be overtly commercial in content, but rather of an instructional nature.


To submit a white paper, please send an e-mail message with a document in Microsoft Word or PDF format to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

31 Ethernet Technology in Industrial Control Applications AIA
32 Integrated Petrol Station Automation AIA
33 PLC in Automation AIA
34 Field Systems Strategies AIA
35 The Automation Imperative for the Pulp and Paper Industry AIA
36 Advanced Batch Digester Solution AIA
37 Paper Industry - A Profile AIA
38 Integrated Paper Production and Energy Planning AIA
39 Use of variable speed AC Drives for speed control and Energy saving in Pulp & Paper AIA
40 Collaborative process automation systems in the steel industry AIA
41 Technological control for cold rolling processes AIA
42 The capture and analysis of stress waves provides significant improvement in condition monitoring of critical rotating machinery AIA
43 A seamless blend of process control and automation in steel AIA
44 Level Measurement for Metallurgic Applications AIA
45 Asset Performance and Reliability AIA
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