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Renu Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

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Renu Electronics, a well Trusted and Respected name in the industry, offers solutions for all Factory Automation applications.

Renu Electronics is one of the pioneers in designing & manufacturing of Factory Automation products like wide range of Text and Touch Screen based HMI, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), HMI with built-in PLC, Technology based Protocol Converters, Analog and Digital Field I/O, SCADA, Signal converters and Repeaters, Port Multiplexers, Flow products and many more.

Renu Electronics is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and proud to be one of the few RoHS compliant manufacturing organizations in India. Most of the products manufactured by Renu Electronics have CE & UL listings. Renu Electronics' major strengths have always been Driver Development, Product Customizations and Special Product developments. With over 20 years of Engineering expertise in developing and producing economical but reliable Factory Automation products, Renu Electronics has been innovative and competitive. It always focuses on the latest available technology and components to offer simple solutions for complex looking applications.

Renu Electronics works with it's customers as business partners to address individual application needs as well as continuously improve upon Products, Systems, Quality and Processes to exceed business partners' expectations. Renu Electronics’ nation wide Sales and Support channel, helps to serve better by prompt & valuable support to it’s esteem business partners.

As an organization, Renu Electronics considers any business as a matrix of Business partners, Vendors, Investors and Employees and is strongly committed to serve each of these four pillars for strength and growth.

Latest India Success Story

Renu Electronics has been in the field of Factory Automation and Building Management products manufacturing for last 15 years. All along it has been a great learning curve for the organization and it has come a long way surviving ups and downs of harsh business conditions. Today we stand tall with about 150+ employees and 30,000+ Square Feet area of own building with state of the art Production and Engineering facility.

Some of the products manufactured by Renu Electronics are very unique concept for the Indian Industry. The concept of a HMI with integrated PLC with common programming software was brilliant and was appreciated by everyone. The organization received overwhelming response from the associates, partners and OEMs. This helped them to reduce their machine cost, machine size, labour, wiring, spares and the system programming. And they got much more than they expected in a small package that worked absolutely fine for their machines. What else they could ask for.

Gateway product line is another brilliant concept from Renu Electronics. In today's Industrial environment, Networking of different devices that support different hardware levels and communication protocols, to one common platform is essential for monitoring, controlling and MIS. While providing Factory Automation solutions, it was observed that, a device is required that will help the user to connect and exchange data between various devices supporting different protocols on one NETWORK. This initiated the development of Gateway product line. Gateway is a low cost and RIGHT solution for NETWORK applications. Gateway product line supports various technologies such as CAN, Ethernet, HART, Lonworks, Profibus, Serial and a few more are being added.

Renu Electronics, offering low cost but reliable FA solutions, has earned a good name and is respected for it's business ethics. We serve to almost all market segments such as Cement, Extrusion machines, Food processing, Furnace Automation, HVAC, Machine Tool, Material Handling, Packaging, Paper and Pulp, Pharmaceutical, Printing, Process Industry, Steel Industry, Textiles, Water and Waste Water, Weighing applications and BMS projects.

Company Head

Name: Mr. Ajay Bhagwat
Designation: Managing Director

Current affairs and state of industry

Last Five years witnessed a major growth in our business with large size orders from our partners in business. We are a strong contender and have established a substantial market share for the Text and Touch Screen based HMI units. The organization now is all set to focus and provide complete Factory Automation solutions including control applications.

We perceive a phenomenal growth in Indian Industry in coming years and it will be interesting to see new technology based solutions.

Company’s contribution to AIA

Renu Electronics has always been an active member of AIA. We have been actively participating in the meetings and proposing ideas which are in line with AIA’s objectives. We have been supporting and contributing to the agreed common points and decided action plans.

Renu Electronics, as an organization, also agreed to help setting up labs at cost in various technical Institutions to create Automation awareness and build a line of technically competitive engineers. We are also willing to contribute in training the faculty members of these technical Institutions.

AIA Family Member

Name: Santosh Tatte
Designation: Manager – Sales
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Tel: +91 20 2729 2840 (Ext-411)